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The ultimate cheater's revenge: Send your break up viral.



Breaking up with someone over text and using old school methods like WORDS is just so boring. The new, cool way to break up with someone is apparently to use a strategically placed meme to drive home your point.

“Bobby Light” (otherwise known as @KaneZipperman) has turned his break-up public, after his texts to a cheating ex went viral. Zipperman used well-placed meme’s to reply to his girlfriend’s frustrated messages and exacted some rather excellent online revenge.

Take a look below:

You’ve got to give credit where credit is due. While back in the old days (AKA the 90s), teens may have broken up with their ‘significant’ other using hand-written notes, or better yet, get their best friends to do it for them – kids in 2014 are a WHOLE lot more creative.