Guy with 3 testicles answers all your questions.

We’ve introduced you to the Man With Two Penises. You’ve met the Guy With No Butt Crack.

Now, we bring you: The Guy With Three Testicles.



Yep, a real-life 18-year-old man has just nobly taken to Reddit to share his story.

The young dude, who has the username GardenofGandalf, has posted a photo of his triple-whammy ballsack.

GardenofGandalf, the internet thanks you for your services.

He seemed extremely happy to finally be old enough to share the news – and the visual proof – with the universe.

As you can see, there were nearly 4,500 comments already today.

Even though it wasn’t technically an “Ask Me Anything” session, this proud young man hung around to answer some vital questions…

Let’s break down what we know and what’s still left to know.

We’ll keep an eye out for further information and bring it to you as it comes to hand.

This is what we know so far.

He has three balls.

They live fairly harmoniously together, but they do often get tangled.

His favourite ball is the one on the furthest right.

He has declined an invitation to do porn with the Two Penis Man.

These are the mysteries that remain.

He does not know if he has an extra-high sperm count.

He does not know which one technically is the ‘extra’ one.

Wanna see them?

Now. We know you want to see the photo. We all do.

But think long and hard about it: Are you prepared to see a close-up image of three balls?

If you’re sure, if you’re really really sure – and you are NOT AT WORK, then proceed.

To see these balls before they’re world-famous, click here.

What else do you want to know?