Guy Sebastian tried to embarrass his wife. Failed epically.

Oh Guy, when will you learn?

We can’t think of anything worse happening on a live radio broadcast. Guy Sebastian, 33, wanted to play a trick on his wife, Jules, while on 2DayFM’s Drive segment.

And it backfired.

He told the presenters Julez and Maz that he would ring his wife and pretend they had nude photos leaked. “Let’s go with like, leaked pictures… I’m going to tell her, basically, some pictures have got out,” Guy said.

Guy Sebastian.

So Guy called his wife of six years, who answered very calmly.

"Babe, I just got a call from Titus [Guy's manager] and he reckons that a journo has approached him for comments about some photos they've obtained... of us," Guy told her.

Jules sounded very clearly confused and failed to recall any pictures that the two may of sent to each other, but Guy continued with the prank.

"You know that gym selfie I sent as a joke… they reckon they've got that and some photos of you. Do you have nude photos of me...or of you?" Guy asked slyly.

Jules Sebastian.

After thinking about the question, Jules gave a response that not only burst the radio studio into fits of laughter, but blew the joke up in Guy's face.

"No, I had one of you that you sent me with your willy out," she said amusingly.

Oh dear.

Guy quickly chimed in to cut the joke short screaming, "it's fake! It's fake!" before telling his wife t about the trick.

And a joke it was.

That'll teach Guy to prank his girl.

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