It looks like not even Aussie icon Guy Sebastian is immune from outfit shaming.

Unless you’ve been living under a rock since the premiere of Australian Idol in 2004 (honestly, I hope you haven’t, because TV has gotten so much better since then), you’re probably familiar with Guy Sebastian.

Australian icon.

Fantastic singer.

All-round good guy who’s pretty much never done anything offensive.

But even our friend Guy apparently isn’t immune from outfit shaming, with commenters jumping on his latest Instagram post to report that… they don’t like what he’s wearing.


The offending outfit, which the singer wore to perform his new single “Bloodstone” at the AACTA Awards, involved purple pants and waistcoat over a black shirt – and, according to a lot of people with too much time of their hands, it was a fashion don’t.

The Fashion Police Of Instagram say that Guy looks “ridiculous”, is wearing a “fail outfit”, and nobody can believe that “Jules let U [sic] leave the house in that pimp getup!”

Luckily for Guy, the comments on the important stuff – you know, the singing – were all raving.

“That performance was incredible. It actually stopped me in my tracks,” said one fan.

“That is such a great song mate, keep em coming champ,” encouraged another.

Listen: The many break-ups of Guy and Jules Sebastian. Post continues after audio.

Although it’s nice (I guess?) to know that outfit shaming is no longer purely restricted to women, it’s about time to leave that tired trope behind.

Repeat after me: unless someone asks for my opinion on what they’re wearing, it’s none of my business.

(And look. Not to undermine my own argument or anything, but for what it’s worth… I am 100% about that purple suit).