Guy Sebastian just told the world he dated Delta Goodrem. We can't cope.

Guy Sebastian – Australian Idol winner, one-time owner of the world’s most luscious afro and Taylor Swift’s support act – just dropped a bombshell as big as his hair used to be.

He once dated Australia’s favourite chair spinner Delta Goodrem.

Guy & Delta. Gelta? Duy?

Apparently, Guy used the powers of his ‘fro (and possibly his voice) to serenade Delta Goodrem just after he won Idol.

Guy at his Idol audition.

The awkward Delta Goodrem photo everyone is talking about.

Guy appeared on The Kyle and Jackie O show and told Australia about the pair’s rendezvous.

“A long time ago, I’d just won Idol … and I dated my pass, believe it or not,” he said on air.

“You know how you talk about your pass? Hers [Jules] was Heath Ledger. Mine was Delta Goodrem.

“And I dated Delta, for a few months. No one knew about it.”

This was a reality. GELTA <3.

It lasted until Guy’s Idol money dried up and he went back to Jules with nothing but the sweet, sweet memory of what could have been.

“Yes Delta was my hall pass before I knew her. She was then the hot chick on neighbours for me. Later when Jules and I had been broken up for about a year I went on two dates with her,” he said.

We present this without comment:

Single or not, dirtbag or not, Guy Sebastian just impressed us and made us dream of the power couple that never was – Guy and Delta.