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This is the likelihood the average American will die as a result of gun violence.

On February 14, 2018, Florida became the site of America’s worst ever school shooting, with 17 dead, 14 of them students.

It’s the 30th mass shooting in the USA since the beginning of the year, according to the Gun Violence Archive. It’s also the 18th school shooting that’s occurred in two short months.

In 2017, there were literally hundreds of mass shooting incidents – 346, according to the Gun Violence Archive.

There are enough guns in American for every man, woman and child. So what are the chances an American will die as a result of gun violence?

According to Business Insider, who tallied a range of statistics, a US citizen has a 1 in 315 chance of dying via ‘assault by a gun’.

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Comparatively, Americans have a 1 in 108 chance of dying via a motor vehicle accident, making a car accident less than three times more likely than death at the wrong end of a bullet. And that’s scary to think about.

Americans also have a 1 in 11,125 chance of dying in a mass shooting, and a 1 in 8,349 chance of being killed by an accidental gun shot.

The odds aren’t crushingly likely, but they’re also a little too close to home.

By comparison, in 2015, Australia had a total of 27 homicides in which a gun was used, according to, and a total of 211 gun deaths, of which 177 were suicides.