To the people who say Australia needs to relax its gun laws....


Australian Senator, David Leyonhjelm, says he knows how to stop horrific events like the murder of hostages at Martin Place.

He says Australians just need to carry more guns so we can properly defend ourselves.

Without them, he says, Australia is a “nation of victims”.

“What happened in that cafe would have been most unlikely to have occurred in Florida, Texas, or Vermont, or Alaska in America, or perhaps even Switzerland as well,” Senator Leyonhjelm told the ABC’s AM program. “Statistically speaking” in America, “one or two of the victims” who was involved in the hostage situation on Monday and Tuesday this week, would have had a concealed gun, he said.

To that, we have only one thing to say:


Sorry, Senator.

The U.S. has far more gun-related killings than any other developed country.

Per capita, that’s thirty times more than Australia.

Having American-style gun freedoms would not save more lives – it would end more.

End of story.