People are sharing their guiltiest confessions online.

When I was little, I told my four-year-old sister to shoplift a bag of lollies – and then I let her take all the blame. Look. It wasn’t my proudest moment – but who doesn’t have a guilty secret like that lurking somewhere in their past?

That’s the idea behind a recent Reddit thread, which asked users to share the worst thing they’ve ever done.

And yes – the answers were cringe-worthy and mostly hilarious.

ISCNU wrote: “Flexed and screamed “yooooouuuuurrrr MUM! ” to a high school girl at church after scoring on her in a friendly sports event… Her mum had passed away just two days before. She was with us to help get her mind off things. Gosh, I wanted to die. Guess what phrase I never say anymore?”


ErmyShinanigans posted,When I was 4 or 5 I I told my sweet, loving mother that I didn’t love her before going to preschool. I remember her eyes filling up with tears; she looked so hurt” while OkayL probably never won employee of the month after this confession, “When I was a teenager cashiering at a supermarket I’d sometimes break a Kit Kat apart within its packaging if I was having a particularly shitty day”.

Some secrets were a little more serious, though.

Dem_Boyz, for example, confessed to burning his ex’s car: “Me and my ex girlfriend broke up and the next day she passed me in her car with another man in the passenger seat yelling insults out the window. That night I filled a bottle with gasoline and went to her house. Her car window was down so I poured the gas all through the front seats of her car, lit it on fire and ran.”

Probably an extreme reaction…

Look, we’ve all done things we regret. At least this Reddit thread is letting us laugh about them, right?

What’s the worst thing you’ve ever done?

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