Group therapy: Do you point out a period stain?

Etiquette. What does that word even mean anymore?

In a world where we text during dinner, automatic doors mean nobody needs to do the opening and meals are generally enjoyed on the couch, with the TV on and not at a set table – etiquette has become a bit of an anomaly.

The Mamamia Team received an email this week asking about the correct etiquette in a very particular scenario.

Tammy* wrote:

I caught a plane over the weekend. When I got off the plane and was walking towards the airport exit, I found myself walking directly behind a woman wearing pale blue pants. She had quite an obvious period stain on the back of her pants.

I wanted to say something but we were surrounded by people and everybody seemed to be in such a rush that I didn’t think they would have noticed anyway. I also didn’t want to embarrass her… I’m quite a shy person and would personally be mortified if someone pulled me aside to say something.

But then I asked a couple of my friends and they were horrified that I hadn’t said anything. Did I break some kind of rule of the sisterhood? Should I have pulled her aside? I feel so incredibly guilty now. But what was I supposed to do?

They say that he mark of a true friendship is when a friend is comfortable enough to tell you about the kiwifruit seed in your teeth or even the leaked period blood on your pants. But is it okay to point out the same sort of thing to a total stranger?

Over to you. What was the correct etiquette in this situation? What should Tammy have done? 

*Tammy has asked to use a pseudonym.

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