Group Therapy: Am I going to feel like this for 9 months?

Have you ever been misdiagnosed by a medical professional? Mamamia reader Anna* has and now she is feeling very unsettled.  She writes:


“I found out I was pregnant about 4 weeks ago which was very exciting, and have been having all the symptoms – morning sickness (all day long!), sore breasts, terrible skin breakouts etc. I had booked in to see the OB of my choice but as he is away he can only see me at 12 weeks. This is my first pregnancy so its all very new and slightly scary!

The other day at work I felt something similar to what it feels like when I get my period each month and ran to the bathroom. I was horrified to see I was bleeding and quickly called my GP who advised to see whether anyone at my OB’s office could see me otherwise to go straight to the hospital. As my OB is away, I was referred to his stand in, who as not available and was referred to his stand in. His lovely receptionist spoke me through what I was seeing and feeling and suggested it was best to come in the next day to see them, rather than go to the hospital (As the bleeding had stopped).

After an anxiety filled sleepless night my husband and I went to the stand-in for the stand-in OB’s office.  We spoke with the midwife and went through the process of seeing them for the first time as if it was all well and good. Then we went in to see the OB who got me up on the table and started the ultrasound.

After a minute or two of looking around, he declared “No, this seems like its been a failed pregnancy”. He pointed out the the size of the foetus was not what it should be at 8 weeks, and it had probably stopped growing 3 weeks ago.  He also pointed out that there was no heartbeat and that I had probably had a missed miscarriage.

It was all very matter of fact, and he then suggested we book in to have a DNC and get it removed ASAP. My husband asked whether that’s the only other option, and only then did the OB say we could go for another ultrasound at the women’s clinic just to make sure.

With a 2 hour wait and absolutely no inclination that there was any hope to be had, we notified our parents and started to come to terms with the fact that for now this wasn’t meant to be. It was seriously heart breaking and I was just wanting to get it all sorted out and over and done with. We went to the ultrasound clinic, I got onto the table, she put the gel on and started the scan.

And there on the screen, WAS A HEART BEAT!?!?

We were in absolute shock, asked her is she was sure about a hundred times and were so confused at how this could happen. The ladies who did the scan were so lovely and reassuring that the heartbeat was there, clear as day, and very strong and healthy. They also did say that the OB’s don’t use the best machines as they are so expensive, and that it can happen that he missed it completely.

Obviously we are thrilled but now cautiously so, as we wait for the 12 week scan and bloods. I am wondering if this has happened to any of the Mamamia readers? I am worried that I am now going to be so paranoid about every little thing and can’t fully relax or let go of the anxiety.

Any experiences or advice if you have been through this would be SO greatly appreciated!