Farting, sweating, enormous nipples: The 5 pregnancy symptoms nobody ever warns you about.

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Whenever you ask a mum about her pregnancy, she’ll often say it was one of the best experience of her life. Maybe even the best.

Women will often talk about how pregnancy makes you feel totally in tune with your body, and creates an incredible connection with new life.

That might be true, but everyone conveniently forgets to mention the not-so-glamorous aspects of pregnancy. There’s the flatulence, for one. Just ask our Editor in Chief Jamila Rizvi, who’s expecting her first child to arrive any day now.

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“A lot of the women I work with will tell me they won’t fart in front of their partner. I used to be like that. Then you get pregnant,” Jam explains.

In the spirit of ‘Sharing is Caring’, Jam has decided to spread the word about these unspoken, unpleasant pregnancy side-effects in a video for Mamamia TV. At least you’ll be more prepared than she was…

What surprised you throughout your pregnancy?