Niamh tried to clean her beauty blender. Then things took a nightmarish turn.

Ah men. They’re confused by our eyelash curlers , they’re clueless when it comes to women’s fashion, and now they’re making cups of tea with our make up applicators.

Yep. One Twitter user’s brother has learnt the hard way that you should never pick up a random hot cup of liquid, and assume it’s just a nice cup of tea.

As Twitter user @NimffMcManus explained: “Put my beauty blender in a cup of hot water and left it to soak to clean it n my brother started drinking t thinking it was a cuppa x Soz x”.

Oops. We bet that was not exactly the best cuppa he’s ever tasted.

While some Twitter users called @NimffMcManus gross for leaving her beauty blender in a cup of hot water, most jumped to her defence, and wondered why the brother would just start drinking out of a random cup in the first place.


Some Twitter users have even thanked @NimffMcManus for teaching them how to clean their beauty blender.

So we guess it was a happy ending for everyone involved… except, you know, maybe the brother.

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