"Dear people concerned about what women are wearing to festivals. It's about to get worse."

The Groovin’ The Moo festival held in Canberra over the weekend has stirred people up for all the wrong reasons.

But this time, it wasn’t because the festival fed patrons two bits of bread and a slice of processed cheese (like the infamous Fyre Festival) and it wasn’t because there were mass arrests.

It was because some of the girls decided to wear……whatever they wanted. 

God. Forbid.

Festival attendees wore festival wear. If you’re not sure what ‘festival wear’ has looked like for the past five years, let me catch you up.

It used to be a ballerina who lost her tights but found a pair of denim shorts.

Now it’s more of a black mesh situation or just denim on denim on denim… that’s ripped.

Coachella music festival attendee in 2014 (l) and Coachella attendee in 2017 (r). (Source: Getty Images.)

Smush in a healthy dose of glitter and it's a surefire hit.

It's also nobody else's business.

And yet, a Canberra Times article that spoke about how female festival goers opted to wear skirts and singlets became the epicentre of a hate storm on Facebook.

The article did not shame the girls, but it did mention there were bare legs despite a maximum forecast of fifteen degrees.

The hate for the girls came hard and fast.

"You can go out and have a good time in the Cold looking nice all warmed up instead of going out looking like a gronk for goodness sakes (sic). No respect for you girls," one commenter wrote.

"Great.... A great opportunity to look like a Hooker.... Just what we want our daughters to do! Stupid," wrote another.

The following letter is for the people who so openly shared their 'concern' for the girls at Groovin' The Moo...


Hello concerned citizen,

As a young woman who often drinks a bottle of wine instead of wearing a jacket, I can assure you, the kids are alright.


It's okay that not every girl rugged up as though they were getting ready for their gap year in the Himalayas.

It might have been cold but dancing among a crowd of thousands tends to make you extremely hot. #Science.

Don't ask me, ask Dr Google. (Source: Google.)

The idea that feeling cold will give you a cold is also a pretty common medical myth.

Medical teams, security guards and vigilant Best Friends Forever were on site to ensure the glitter-covered patrons were okay.


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Video by Mamamia

The Canberra Times even mentioned how some girls had simply stashed their warmer clothes for later use.

If you are still worried, I have assembled a list of individuals who are more deserving of your concern....

Reese Witherspoon at the EE British Academy Awards in February 2015.

It was probably ten degrees colder when Reese strutted her red carpet stuff here. (Source: Getty Images.)

According to London Weather, the average maximum temperature during February of that year was 7.8 degrees Celsius. The average minimum was 1.7 degrees Celsius.

Reese needs your concern.

The Clovers from Bring It On


The Clovers from Bring It On openly spoke about how cold they were, crying out "brr, it's cold in here" and were also forced to wear cheer-leading outfits.

I mean, that's just cruel - especially with all the Toros in the atmosphere.

The Clovers need your concern.

All the people who compete in the Museum of Old and New Art's annual nude swim in Tasmania. 

It's generally around 1 degrees Celsius when the people participating in this race plunge themselves into the water at dawn break. (Awesome.)

The MONA swimmers need your concern.

Just all the people who live in Tasmania.


Hobart's average maximum temperature for May is 15.3, according to the Bureau of Meteorology.

Tasmanians need your concern.

But the girls who wore a skirt to a festival? They don't need it. Save it for those who do.

Kind regards,


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