There's a new Grey's Anatomy spin-off coming and hear us out.

I used to be a massive Grey’s Anatomy fan.

I made sure I was home every week to watch the latest episode and I cried my eyes out when Denny Duquette died.

I sat through bomb threats, plane crashes, random half-sisters turning up, and the very unnecessary and gruesome death of George O’Malley.

And then at some point after season four I lost interest.

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I was over all my favourite characters being killed off and I was wondering where the heck Izzie went.

But I always remembered how those first few seasons of Grey’s Anatomy made me feel. Shonda Rhimes is a bloody great storyteller and she really does deliver all the feels.

So you can imagine my excitement when I heard there was a new Grey’s Anatomy spin-off in the works.

It’s called Station 19 and it’s going to be based in a… fire station.

So just like Seattle Grace but with burning buildings and big ole’ water hoses instead of weird medical emergencies.


Now, I have it on good authority that Ben Warren, the former Grey’s character who will be starring in the spin-off, is a bit of douchebag… but hear me out.

He’ll be joined by a bunch of new Shonda Rhimes characters who will ~ hopefully ~ recreate the magic of Grey’s Anatomy and Private Practice and Scandal and How To Get Away With Murder.

Plus it’s… it’s… hot firefighters.

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The 10-episode series will follow the lives of a bunch of Seattle firefighters – their work and the steamy and ~ dramatic ~ things they get up to after hours.

Also the station is only a few blocks away from Seattle Grace so there will definitely be some crossover action.

Even if, like me, you haven’t watched Grey’s Anatomy in years, you’ll want to check out this spin-off.

The series will probably be released later this year, so get your tissues ready.

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