"They're actually lazy AF." The 6 things all greyhound owners know to be true.


Ask anyone what they think it would be like to adopt a greyhound as a pet, and they’ll probably have visions of long runs, hours of ball-throwing, lots of time outdoors and, well, other super active things. You know, because… greyhound.

Cue laughter from greyhound owners.

Video by Mamamia

They know the truth. They know that although it’s one of the world’s most recognisable breeds, it’s also one of the most misunderstood.

Here are six surprising truths about greyhounds.

1. Greyhounds are lazy. No, really.

Greyhounds are fast. We know this. What with their long legs, muscular shoulders and the entire (albeit questionable) industry dedicated to racing them. (Fact of the day: they can hit top speeds of 72km/h, meanwhile Usain Bolt can only manage 44km/h. Pfft. Jog on, mate.)

Given that reputation, the uninitiated could forgiven for thinking that greyhounds are a high-energy breed. But the truth is they’re lazy AF.

Yes, their zoomies nudge the sound barrier, but most of the time you’ll find them napping/resting while thinking about napping. In fact, they’ve been known to sleep 12-16 hours a day.

2. Greyhounds are ideal apartment dogs.

With their placid, adaptable nature and low energy levels (see above), greyhounds are one of the most suitable breeds for apartment living.


Like any dog, they need daily exercise. But presuming you take your greyhound out for a decent walk each day and engage in playtime, there’s no need to feel guilty if it doesn’t have 24/7 access to a sprawling yard.


3. They’re gentle. And sensitive. And like to cuddle.

In most Australian states, the law requires greyhounds to wear a muzzle in public, due to the belief that they’re conditioned to chase small animals. The sight leads many people to think greyhounds must be aggressive or dangerous. But most are exactly the opposite.

Greyhounds are typically big softies, who love nothing more than to snuggle up to you on the couch. (Warning: they are 90 per cent legs. So… move over. Or get a bigger couch.)

4. They probably have more clothes than you.

With their thin coats and lean builds, it’s important greyhounds have access to a warm, dry environment.

And if you ask most owners, it’s also essential that their ‘long boi’ has a jumper – or three – for winter, ideally in a variety of colours. Because choices. Oh, and also a raincoat. And pyjamas. And maybe a dressing gown.

This is Birdie. She gets cold sometimes. But her mum is prepared. Image: Supplied.

5. They are kleptomaniacs collect things.

While many breeds prefer to, shall we say, deconstruct their toys, greyhounds have been known to hoard them. It's not uncommon for greys to form small collections/piles/nests of anything from stuffed animals to shoes.

It's not entirely clear why. Just go with it. (Unless they don't let you near the collection, in which case there may be something deeper going on, and you should probably consult an animal behaviourist.)

6. They are cult leaders.

OK, that's not strictly... factual. But the community that exists around greyhound ownership has few equals. It's big, it's passionate and, some would say, borders on obsessive.

And they would be right. But that's only because grey owners know the utter joy that comes from sharing their lives (and their sofas) with the loveable, loyal, cuddly bag of elbows that is the greyhound.

There are hundreds of greyhounds currently looking for 'fur'ever families. For information about adoption, download the RSPCA handbook here. To see greyhounds available for adoption in your area, visit the Every Greyhound website.