Copy her look: 11 formidable women with gorgeous grey hair.

Have you often thought about going completely grey but can’t quite permit yourself to ‘give in’ just yet?

We associate grey hair with frail grannies sitting in rocking chairs, draped in blankets and grasping knitting needles in between quivering fingers. Historically, grey hair amongst women not only represented the loss of youth but also the loss of fertility. The stereotype that grey haired women are beyond their ‘useful’ date is entirely pervasive. No wonder so many of us choose to dye.

Actress - Jaime Lee Curtis

The irony of course is that a man who goes grey is considered a silverfox and instantly becomes more attractive. His grey hair is a symbol of his experience, that he's a 'man of the world'; it is considered distinguished. Us women on the other hand, are conditioned to believe that the very worst thing we can be/look/feel is old. And grey hair is the embodiment of that.

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But here's the thing: It's 2015 not 1952 and it's high time that we dumped the idea that grey equates to old.

We're living longer, working longer, we're active and healthy for longer, we're going grey earlier, so why can't grey be beautiful and vibrant too?

Actress Dianne Keaton.

Because there is a beauty in allowing yourself to transition into having a completely grey head of hair. Grey hair no longer the fashion taboo it once was, with many celebrities rocking the grey and showing us not only is it flattering, it's empowering.

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There are only two ways to go completely grey.

The first is just to let it grow out.

The downside to this of course is that it's a slow, public procedure and you might not have the confidence to do it that way. While grey can be beautiful, blonde or brunette hair that looks like it's been dip dyed in grey paint is less than sexy.

So we asked for some tips from one of our most trusted hairdressers, Anthony Nader from Raw Hair, about how to go grey with dignity.

He shared the following 12 (genius) suggestions:

  • To dye your hair grey, the process works best with hair shades that are a medium brown to lighter. The grey colour will be in your favour as you won’t “blow out” the hair cuticle as much as if you are a dark brown shade.
  • A high grade powder bleach lightener is really the main ingredient used in this process and with a high strength peroxide (sounds like a Lab, I know) and then lastly, the grey toner.
  • You can have your hair strands look super natural by having baby fine highlights so the upkeep is minimum or go 100% all over coverage which requires more upkeep.
  • It’s all about maintaining the condition of your hair which is vital and products to address this should be discussed with your hairdresser
  • Having an in depth consultation with your hairdresser first and foremost is the key to the journey and discussing the upkeep that may be necessary.
  • Maintaining your colour at home in between visits is going to keep your strands in tip top shape and also you should invest in a silver shampoo and freshen up the grey tone once or twice a week.
  • As for the type of haircut you should go for, it's all about having the right haircut that works with your face shape. This is a very individual recommendation. Grey hair looks amazing with both short and long hairstyles if cut correctly.
  • Hair product is very necessary when you go completely grey as it gives the hair a life or a sheen to it rather than looking flat and dull.
  • Also, keep a light weight spray sheen (not a serum) on hand and spray on damp hair so that the ingredients absorb far better in each hair strand compared to dry hair.
  • A medium hold rich foam (mousse) is also recommended as this will condition your hair strands at the same time as giving that extra oomph to your hair.
  • Keep a light weight hairspray in your cupboard to control any flyways and keep your ponytail looking polished or even if you want to add that extra volume on the crown area for extra height.
  • The other thing to remember is that your facial features will reflect any change of hair colour and you will find certain shades of lipsticks compliment you more. Don't be afraid to wear bold colour lipsticks and experiment with different jewellery. Grey hair can sometimes make you appear washed out if you don't add colour to the rest of your face.

If you're still undecided and after a bit of inspiration, take a wander through this gallery of 11 formidable women who are absolutely rocking the grey. And don't they look stunning doing it?