Grease fans are convinced Sandy was dead for the entire movie.

Almost 40 years after Grease hit cinemas, fans have come up with a compelling ~spooky~ theory as to what the actual meaning of the hit film is.

Sandy was DEAD THE ENTIRE TIME, people.

Well, that’s what the people of Reddit are saying, anyway.

It sounds utterly ludicrous until you read why. And then, well, it starts to make bloody great sense.

What on earth is happening?!?! (Image: Paramount Pictures)

Fans say the movie is much more morbid than any of us previously believed, and actually follows Sandy's (played by Olivia Newton-John) gradual death after tragically drowning in the first beach scene.

While the movie shows Danny - played by John Travolta - saving Sandy's life, according to the theory she did drown. In fact, the course of the movie explores her dying dream as she loses her life, and this explains the gradual distancing from reality as it becomes more dream-like in feel.


The clues don't stop there, either. Apparently the song "Look at me I'm Sandra Dee" contains the line "Goodbye to Sandra Dee" as confirmation that Sandy is about to pass away.

ONJ Grease
Sandy noooooooooooooooo (Image: Paramount Pictures)

And then that super-weird final scene where Sandy and Danny fly off into the sky in a car?


As the Redditor put it: "The vision get increasingly outlandish as time passes, until finally, as Danny desperately tries to resuscitate her on the beach, she sees herself flying into Heaven in her dying moments. The entire movie was a drowning woman’s coma fantasy."

Dead. I am dead. This theory has killed me and I am dead. DEAD.

What are your thoughts, is this fan theory the real deal?