Grant Denyer has admitted he "stole" another host's material.

Grant Denyer has confronted allegations he “stole” an anecdote off Triple M radio host Matty Johns and told it on another station.

On Friday evening, the 39-year-old Family Feud host explained the incident to his 114,000 Twitter followers, admitting “U got me. I stole Matty John’s joke”.

Denyer then made light of the situation with a cheeky photo collage.

The Family Feud frontman appeared as a guest on Triple M’s The Grill Team this week where Johns recounted a story about introducing a classic cricket board game to his underwhelmed children.

“I tell you what I found in my cupboard — Test Match. I said, ‘Hey boys!’ They were out the front kicking a ball around. ‘In about 10 minutes, come in. I’ve got something for you — it’ll change your life!’ So I laid out the mat … brought them in. And they looked at it. They said, ‘How’s this work?’ And I showed them the bowler and they said, ‘We’ll be playing the X-Box’.”

An hour later, Denyer appeared on KIIS FM’s The Kyle & Jackie O Show and recounted a strikingly similar tale.

“Do you remember the game Test Match? Remember that was, like, a cricket game that came out? And you had little players you had to put everywhere. Then a little guy came along and you tipped his arm up and a little ball rolled down towards the batsman,” he asked on air.

“We got that out not that long ago and put it in front of a 10-year-old kid, I said, ‘Mate, I just want to introduce you to the greatest board game that ever exists’. He walks out and he goes, ‘What’s this crap! This is the worst graphics of any computer game I’ve ever seen!'”

Denyer is yet to comment. Image: Facebook.

The rival stations both expressed (mock) outrage over the incident, and pledged to ban the television personality from their programs.

"He’s barred for the next series of Family Feud and anything else he’s putting his grubby little hands on," Johns said during a on-air phone call with Kyle Sandilands and Jackie O this morning.

Promising do to the same, Sandilands apologised. "I’m sorry that we allowed such filth to get on the air. Such lies."

The KIIS duo, of course, weren't being entirely serious - later consoling Denyer on Twitter.