'I think your vagina’s going to explode': The moment that haunts Grant and Chezzi Denyer.

Though they’re now parents to two happy and healthy daughters, Chezzi and Grant Denyer have revealed that getting there wasn’t quite the smooth sailing process they had imagined.

Speaking to Stacey June and Kristie Mercer on a recent episode of The Thinkergirls podcastChezzi, a TV producer, said that fear struck seven months into her pregnancy with the couple’s youngest child, Scout.

“It was really strange and I don’t really know how to broach this, it’s just really personal,” Chezzi told June and Mercer. “I’m having a shower, struggling to shave my very swollen legs, when I feel at the top of my legs this lumpy grossness that feels like a swollen mozzie bite.”


Given that Chezzi was heavily pregnant at the time, she was unable to see what the lump was and understandably, began to panic.

“I’m thinking that my vagina is falling down my leg! There’s a big hard weird, squishy lump that starts at the top of my thigh and goes up to the lip of my vagina,” she said.

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It was then that the television producer asked her Family Feud host husband to “get a light” and take a look at what the mystery lump, which Chezzi said felt like an umbilical cord, was.

“It’s not nice asking your husband to look at something like that,” Chezzi said retrospectively. “He was petrified of what he was going to find.”

Then, doing his husbandly duty, Grant took a look, and it’s something Chezzi says will stay with her forever.

“His face, I’ll never forget the expression. It was like he’d seen a car crash. His first words to her were, ‘I think your vagina’s going to explode.'”

Probably not the best thing to say, Grant, but hey, sometimes the moment just shocks the eloquence right out of you.

Understandably fearful, Chezzi called both her doctor and her obstetrician.


Laughing, the obstetrician informed the couple that no, her vagina was not sliding down her leg. Nor was it the umbilical cord working its way down her leg. It was, in fact, a very common side effect of pregnancy, varicose veins.

Sharing the tale with the podcast, Chezzi asked, “If it’s so common, why don’t people talk about this?”

Consider the word spread, Chezzi.