Fame obsessed mum sent explicit pics of her daughters to their dance teacher

The dance school in Sydney’s west provided performers for many big name musicals


WARNING: This post deals with child sexual abuse and may be distressing for some readers.

A mother who wanted fame for her daughters sent lewd images of them to Sydney dance teacher Grant Davies for nearly three years a court has heard.

The 42-year old mother, who pleaded guilty to two counts of using a child under the age of 14 for the production of child abuse material and two counts of disseminating child abuse material, sent Davies numerous lewd images of her daughters as she was obsessed with them becoming famous.

Some of the images she set up for Davies’s pleasure depicting the girls, who were under the age of 14, naked and posed in particular ways simulating indecent acts.

She told the court yesterday that she was ashamed and embarrassed.

“I knew it wasn’t right but I didn’t know how to stop it,” she said.

The Sydney Morning Herald reports that the girls’ attended the Sydney Dance school run by Grant Davies which trained performers for hit productions, including Billy Elliot.

Davies is currency in custody facing more than 60 child abuse offences allegedly committed against 10 of his students at the dance school.

Grant Davies is facing 60 child abuse offences

The mother had become so caught up in extending her daughters careers she says she was “obsessed and focused totally on the girls and Davies’ dance studio.” according to The Daily Mail.

The court heard of a text message exchange in which Davies was said to have had the mother send him graphic images of the girls.

Davies is alleged to have asked the mother on November 8, 2011 “Are the girls naked?”


Her response: “How about on the weekend they do you some more special G-shots?”

He replied, “Why wait?”

The court heard within half an hour the mother had sent the sexually explicit photos.

His response: “That has made me excited and horny.”

 The Daily Mail reports that Psychiatrist Dr Antony Milch told the court the mother had taken the images believing it would be “the factor” that would promote her daughters’ dance careers at the dance studio after her own faltering career and battle with anorexia.

Dr Milch told the judge that he had not seen the images before his court appearance but they “are extremely confronting and distressing.”

“I think it is difficult to understand how any mother could take such images and provide them to other parties to disseminate the material.”

According to the SMH “The girls were confused about what exactly their mother had done and why it was wrong.”

One girl told Dr Milch that her mother “sent nude photos of me and my sisters to [Mr Davies]. I don’t think it was wrong because we had to do everything he said.”

The woman’s bail was revoked as the judge said he was concerned that she was not currently undertaking any treatment or counselling for her behaviour.

She faces court again next month.

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