Time to toss out that G-string. "Granny undies" are coming back, baby.

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It seems fanny packs and birkenstocks aren’t the only once-daggy trends making a major comback. A growing number of millennials are tossing their g-strings aside in favour of Bridget Jones-style ‘granny undies’.

Yes, the days of constant wedgies are numbered. Hurrah!

The New York Times reports sales of g-strings have decreased seven per cent over the last year, while sales of briefs, boy shorts and high-waisted undies have grown a collective 17 per cent.

Bring on the big knickers. Carrie Bradshaw loved them.

"Within millennial and Generation Y consumer groups, it's considered cool to be wearing full-bottom underwear," Bernadette Kissane, an apparel analyst at the market intelligence firm Euromonitor told the Times.

"Thongs have had their moment."

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I'll be honest — I've never really understood the attraction of g-strings. Yes, they mean you can wear clothes without a visible panty line, but they're also incredibly uncomfortable, get up your bum and are frankly overpriced for what is essentially a lacy piece of elastic.

Granny undies, on the other hand? Beloved by anyone with a bum. Not only are they comfy, prevent muffin tops, stop wedgies, stop flashing on windy days and last for years, they're a sworn-by favourite with mums who say they're particularly handy at covering caesarean scars.(Post continues after gallery.)

And they can be even sexier than fancy underwear. "They make me feel like Dita Von Teese," said one Mamamia staffer.

But given g-strings have always been uncomfy, and the benefits of bigger knickers are widely accepted , why are we only airing our "dirty" underwear secret now?

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According to Julia Baylis, the 22-year-old co-founder of boutique lingerie label Me and You, it's about reclaiming our underwear for ourselves rather than impressing someone else.


"Most lingerie is designed to appeal to a man. For us, that's not even a consideration," she says.

"This is underwear you wear totally for you. Maybe no one will see it, or maybe you'll put it up on Instagram to share with everyone you know." (Post continues after gallery.)

However, this is about more than just a changing fashion trend. Just like the undies themselves, it's a big deal, marking a change in attitude. It signals a change in our perception of what is and isn't considered beautiful.

It tells us that women are finally accepting the fact they can wear whatever they like to cover their bits, no matter what shape or size they are.

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That thongs are sexy, but so are granny panties. (Just ask Hugh Grant)

That underwear doesn't have to be about looking sexy, but if you want to look sexy that's okay too.

That underwear should make you feel just as fabulous as any other piece of clothing.

That it's okay not to wear matching sets everyday. Who has the energy, time or such organised washing routines anyway?

That granny panties are the BOMB and any woman who says she'd never wear them probably has at least one pair stuffed at the back of her underwear drawer.

So release your lower half from its elastic cage and embrace the big, high waisted granny knickers every day, not just on laundry day. Hang them on your washing line with pride. Take a belfie if you're so inclined.

No longer will our knickers get in a twist - the time for Nana knickers is now.

Do you wear 'granny panties'?