Ella's grandmother wrote down some killer dating advice in 1925. Now, it's going viral.

It’s common knowledge grandmothers are geniuses.

They agree with your five-year-old self that chocolate makes for essential breakfast eating. They are there to support you without the “what about the insurance?” and “have you thought about the money?” questions your parents are somehow programmed to ask.

And – just like that time my grandma knew I had stolen her eye cream just by looking at my expression (not my rapidly disappearing crow’s feet) – their breed can have moments of profound, instinctive truths.

Take the case of Londoner Ella Roberts’ grandmother, for example.

Her 1925 letter about men, shared to Roberts’ Twitter account last year, went viral because it’s… well classic grandmother material.

The poem, captioned “My grandmothers 1925 version of ‘men are trash'”, reads:

“There is no faith in a man,

“Not even in a brother,

“So girls if you must love,

“Love one another”.


We can only wonder at the heartache Roberts’ grandmother must have gone through to give us such a gem, but there’s no doubt it was way ahead of its time.

Remembering, this is before any #MeToo movement. Only seven years after UK women first got the vote. And during a period in which housework and child-rearing were considered solely female occupations.

Oh, and whatever man came up with the phrase “bros before hoes”? We women had it long, long before you in the form of Roberts’ grandmother.

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