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A grandma thought she was sending a cute birthday card. It was actually very, very rude.

In the technology-driven age that we live in, there is no doubt that the greeting card industry has suffered a little. Thankfully, there is a section of the community determined to keep the tradition of sending handwritten cards alive – grandparents.

UK artist Henry Fraser was probably not surprised to receive a birthday card from his grandmother this year, but the cheeky underlying message was surely a bit of a shock.

At first glance, the greeting card seems innocent enough. There’s even a cute stick-figure man holding a glass of wine on the cover.

This birthday card is not as innocent as it seems. Image via Twitter @henryfraser0

"I can best describe you in just a few words," the cover of the card reads. "Terrific, wonderful, awesome, tremendous."

How sweet, right?

Um...not quite.

The first letters of each adjective are bolden and capitalised, put the letters together and it spells the insult 'twat'.


Fraser found the innocent oversight so hilarious that he took to Twitter to share a picture of the card.

"Got this birthday card from my grandma," the 25-year-old wrote. "The sentiment is beautiful, but she didn't realise what the card is trying to say!"

The tweet received over a thousand likes and over 200 retweets.

When a follower asked Fraser what his grandmother's reaction was when he pointed out the oversight, he admitted that he "couldn't tell her."

Oh, bless.

Fraser was a promising rugby player until an accident left him paralysed from the neck down in 2009. He now creates art using just his mouth and a paintbrush.