Grandmother, 71, marries 17-year-old she met at son's funeral.

In a story proves you can find love just about anywhere – with anyone – a 71-year-old has met “the one” at her son’s funeral.

Tennessee woman Almeda Errell met Gary Hardwick, now 18 years old, while paying respect to her late son, Robert, PA and the Daily Mail reported.  After a whirlwind romance of just three weeks the pair married.

“I wasn’t looking for a young man, but Gary just came along. I just knew straight away that he was the one,” the mother-of-four said.

The Motherish team reflect on what they most regret about their big day. (Post continues after video.)

Almeda was dealing with the twin tragedies of losing her husband and her son, Robert, in a short space of time when she met Gary, who has previously dated a 77-year-old woman.

After the funeral, Gary asked Robert’s wife Lisa, if she could get organise for the pair to reunite.

“(Almeda) had the most gorgeous, sparkling blue eyes. When I told Lisa that I liked Almeda, she said that she liked me too and that she should get us together.”

The connection was confirmed at Lisa’s daughter’s birthday party.

“He was just as I remembered. That smile, those good looks. We were both too nervous to eat, and at one point he fell over his chair,” Almeda said.


The pair then saw each other every night for two weeks before Gary proposed, PA reports.

Six days later, the couple married in the gardens outside Lisa’s flat where they had had their first kiss.

Gary said their wedding night was “wonderful” and “beyond my wildest dreams”.

“She really is my dream woman and the physical side of our relationship couldn’t be better.”

I guess you never know when cupid’s arrow is going to strike, right?