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This nana has lots of questions for her lesbian granddaughter. LOTS of questions.




This grandma just found out that:

a) homosexuality is a thing that exists


b) her granddaughter is in a homosexual relationship

So you can imagine, given the bombshells dropping all over the place, that this particular grandma is a little overwhelmed with curiosity about how this whole same-sex thing even works.

She has many, many questions for her granddaughter. For example:

“You put your tongue in there?”


“You kiss her hole?”

“I don’t kiss her hole.”

“She kisses yours? She kisses your tits? I never heard of this. If a woman touched my tits I’d slap her in the face.”

“That’s because you’re not gay Grandma.”

“So you like her to kiss your tits?”

“Well she’s my girlfriend, I love her very much!”

The total brain explosion experienced this woman was too good not to share, so her granddaughter posted it to Youtube, with the simple description:

“She can’t believe I’m gay lmfao.”



It’s like seeing someone’s mind be blown in real time.






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