Chloe thought she looked great in her Facebook selfie. Nana did not agree.

You have to love grandmothers. They spoil you with sweets, shower you with love and the best cuddles, they have incredible stories and sage wisdom… and they are always honest.

Well, mostly. But sometimes, their “honesty” tips over into just plain “cruelty”.

When 19-year-old Chloe Gallacher shared a gorgeous selfie on Facebook, her grandmother was the first to chime in with a comment. Her backhanded compliment read, “How stunning would you be if you lost weight.”


Mary Kennedy proved that when it comes to families, there really is no filter. We’re sure she meant well, but come on, granny.

Chloe responded to her grandmother, “Aw, aye thanks very much nana!… Dunno whether to laugh or cry right now.”

On the This Glorious Mess parenting podcast this week, Holly and Andrew discussed whether this 70- year-old Glasgow grandma crossed a line:

The picture and comment went viral, amassing thousands of likes and retweets on Twitter. Possibly because for some of us, it all hits close to home. Whether it’s your dad poking your belly after a big meal, or your mum telling you your new fringe isn’t really working for you.

That’s what families are for, right? Um…


Fortunately the Scottish teenager didn’t take it to heart.

“I didn’t think anything of it, my nana’s always like that and doesn’t hold back, she’s some woman but we wouldn’t have her any other way,” Chloe told The Daily Mail.

As for her grandmother? Well, Mary has admitted that maybe it wasn’t the best idea to post it publicly.

“She’s beautiful. It wasn’t meant as a dig. I was actually quite upset by some of the reaction because she got some digs, or I did… I’m brutally honest if nothing else,” she said.

Have you got a brutally honest family member?

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