This grandma's inadvertent Facebook burn is way, way harsh.

You know how your family has a way of, well, making you feel like crap?

Often it comes in the form of a backhanded compliment (for eg. my auntie once acknowledged my new haircut by saying, ‘at least you don’t look like a weird goth anymore.’) or a piece of constructive criticism (‘… stop wearing overalls you look like a lesbian.’).

When Scottish teenager Chloe Gallacher posted a selfie on her Facebook, clearly feeling herself, she was unfortunately dealt a brutal blow from her grandmother in the comments section.

“How stunning would you be if you lost wight (sic),” her grandma wrote, sealing it with a “xx”.

Tell me what you really think, Grandma. Source: Facebook


To which she replied, "Aw aye thanks very much nana," adding she wasn't sure whether to laugh or cry.

"Nothing like a wee self confidence boost, eh?"

The 19-year-old's friends were certainly laughing, labelling her grandma "Scotland's most savage nana".

Twitter users were laughing too and a screenshot of the post has been circulated almost 6000 times.

Chloe has since clarified she wasn't too hurt by the comments.

"[Nana] got quite upset because she thought people were taking it as if she was being nasty when that wasn't the case," she told the Daily Mail.

"I didn't think anything of it, my nana's always like that and doesn't hold back, she's some woman but we wouldn't have her any other way.'

Meanwhile, her grandma admitted she perhaps ought to have sent a private messaged but isn't very good at Facebook.

"I probably should have private messaged it because it was just meant to be seen by her but I'm glad she took it well, I was only saying it in a nice way," the 70-year-old said.

Feature image: Facebook

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