The most successful Grammy Awards winner ever is a fraud.

Keen-eyed visitors at LA’s Grammy Museum have discovered that one of the most successful winners featured in the exhibits is a fraud.


An artist who features heavily in pictures and exhibits at the Grammy Museum in Los Angeles has been revealed as nothing but a SNEAKY TRICKSTER.

The plethora of photos of him holding a burrito probably should have tipped people off.

Paz Dylan (who is listed on Facebook as ‘Musician/Band’, so he’s at least… something?), decided that he wanted to hijack the Grammy Museum and fill it with photos of himself.

So, like any professional genius trickster, he studied the style of all the photos and presentations at the museum, then went on home and created a bunch of pics that looked exactly like the ones already on display. He then snuck his photos onto the walls of the museum while nobody was looking and… BAM. An artist called ‘Paz’ was listed as a major Grammy winner alongside the likes of Rihanna and Lady Gaga.

And get this – his photos looked so real, that it took OVER A MONTH for anybody to notice that the official Grammy Museum was filled with pictures of some random guy called Paz. Take a look:

First, he put himself on the wall of ‘Notable Winners’:

Here’s a close-up:


Then he took a photo of Rihanna performing, and replaced with one where he had photoshopped himself onto the stage (along with a caption about why he was eating a taco):



Then, in the ‘History of Music’ section of the museum, Paz inserted a bunch of photos of himself, that described the importance of burritos to the recording process. Nobody noticed or questioned the legitimacy of the burrito theory:


And finally, the crowning jewel of Paz’s epic prank. He somehow managed to get a 4ft high photo of himself onto ‘The Wall of Fame’:

The size, frame, colour and shape of the picture was exactly the same as all the others.

Apparently, it wasn’t until (finally) one confused visitor to the museum asked a security guard who this Paz guy was that things started to fall apart. The security guard thought that maybe Paz was from One Direction.

That’s when the plan was foiled. Officials at the Grammy Museum walked through all the exhibits and found ‘Paz’ and his burritos popped up all over the damn place.

The pictures have now been taken down, and ‘famous’ artist Paz deleted from Grammys History.

But you’ll always be in our hearts Paz. #GrammyAwardForPaz







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