There's a man who will spray-paint graffiti in your kid's bedroom for $2000.

When you were growing up there were few things as important as how you decorated your walls.

Photo montage of you and your mates at school sports, perhaps?

Posters of the latest tween heartthrob lining every spare inch of plaster available?

Graffiti everywhere? Not if your parents had anything to say about it.

YES. The hottest new trend in kid’s bedroom design has Aussie parents forking out the big bucks to have a professional graffiti artist tag their children’s walls.

Listen to Holly Wainwright and Andrew Daddo talk about the trend in the latest episode of This Glorious Mess:

The artist in question is Ashley Goudie, and his business is called Keeping It Legal.

He has turned his passion for tagging trains into a very lucrative career in custom graffiti, designing work for the walls of everything from kindies, to resorts, to cafes and family homes.

And he earns up to four figures for it, charging $800 to $2500 a pop.

Two kids’ bedrooms, from @KilProductions

But the question on Holly Wainwright and Andrew Daddo’s mind in the latest episode of The Glorious Mess, is that if you hire someone to graffiti your walls, are you teaching kids that it’s cool, and that the kids themselves should get out there with the paint cans?


“I think it’s great that he’s doing great artwork for families and businesses and cafes, but I don’t think it’s great that he spent all that time tagging trains… so if he’s making stacks of cash, maybe he should be putting something towards cleaning trains.” says Andrew.

Image via Facebook/@KilProductions

And, then there's the thing, as Holly points out, that when you're a teenager your feelings about things can change from year to year. Hell, they can change between the time you have breakfast and the time you get to school.

"If I paid $2500 to have my kids bedroom spray-ainted, I have a feeling that you would probably go off it quite quickly, it's very specific, you know what I mean, whereas if you just put posters up you can take them down." she says.

Amen, Holly.

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