Why are the women on this hit show paid the same as the men? They say they’re worth more.

Working nine to five… what a way to make a living.

In 1980 Lily Tomlin and Jane Fonda teamed up with the Dolly Parton in the hit film “9 to 5” and made life a living hell for their misogynistic on-screen boss.

Thirty-five years later and it appears not a whole lot has changed for women in the workforce and Tomlin, 75, and Fonda, 77, certainly aren’t going to stay quiet about it.

The pair who are currently starring in Netflix comedy ‘Grace and Frankie’ revealed at a recent press event that they are being paid the same as the male supporting actors in the show.

For the record, Tomlin and Fonda are the lead actors in the show which, in any other world, would mean they would be paid more.

The pair were pretty peeved about it, and they made that abundantly clear to a room full of media-types.

“[Tomlin] found out [Sam Waterston and Martin Sheen] are getting the same salary that we are,” Fonda said, of the actors who play their ex-husbands in the series. “That doesn’t make us happy.”

That’s despite Tomlin and Fonda being the, er, stars of the show, which means more screen time aka far more work.

“No. The show is not ‘Sol and Robert’—it’s ‘Grace and Frankie’.”

Grace and Frankie with their ex-hubbies. Via Netflix.

Turns out their fans were pretty angry as well and created an online petition to get our gals a pay rise.

“This just goes to show that gender pay disparity is everywhere,” the petition reads.

“But changes are being made incrementally in Hollywood. When Charlize Theron found out she was making less than her male counterpart in ‘Snow White and the Huntsman’ she demanded the difference be remedied and WON.”

Here’s hoping.

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