Viral video: the dumb things we learned at school

I haven’t used a box and whisker plot since high school. These days, if somebody whispers ‘improper fraction‘ to me I get visions of a fraction doing lewd things on a public street. Yeah baby.

I have not ‘solved for x‘ in almost eight years.

And life is good.

Everyone’s different but we’ve all spent time learning something or other in school that we’re fairly sure we’ll never ever have to use again. Pythagoras was clearly a pretty stand-up guy, but his theorum has done nine tenths of bugger all for my personal life.

Having said that, biology is a whole other matter. I was caught in a bar conversation with a guy the other night when he made a passing (and what he thought subtle) reference to ribosomes – it’s a long story – and I was able to make a crack about Adenosine Triphosphate or, as my Year 12 studies taught me, ATP.

And I wonder why I never find dates when I’m out?

“Hey sexy, wanna talk about cellular biology?”

Luckily I learned to classify tumbleweeds in the same course.

I was reminded about this when I saw this video. Seen one Gotye parody, seen ’em all, right? WRONG. This is very brilliant. If you’ve ever felt frustrated about all the pointless information you were forced to memorise throughout your school years, you’ll love it. Take a look:

Speaking of useless information you learned, what did you get taught that you’ve never used since?

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