Meet Casey Baumer, the woman who had her life ruined by Google Docs templates.

Google knowing everything about you is one thing, but having it take over your identity is another.

For American woman Casey Baumer, whose name the internet giant selected to use as an example on all of its Google Docs templates, the reality has been her nightmare for a staggering two years.

Speaking to Business Insider earlier this week, the food stylist explained that it was a call from a friend who alerted her to the freak coincidence, asking, “‘Uhh, did you know your name is the Google Docs name?’ And I had no idea what she was talking about.”

google doc templates casey baumer 01

The Google Docs resume template using Casey Baumer's name. Source: Google Docs.

Initially finding the coincidence funny, Baumer's patience quickly wore thin when she began to receive countless messages from strangers on her social media channels.

Ranging from benign chatter from strangers to accusations of account hacking and cheating partners, Baumer began reaching out to friends and friends of friends via Facebook, desperately seeking help to get in touch with Google.

Casey Baumer. Source: Facebook

And now it seems that a resolution may have finally come, with Baumer writing on her Facebook page, "After posting about the annoyance of my name on Google Docs I got an overwhelming response by so many friends and friends of friends-- to the point that Google got SO many calls about it the other day, WE annoyed THEM! Thank you to all who shared, liked, tagged friends, commented, and helped me resolve this annoying (albeit hilarious) situation! WE DID IT!GoogleDocs is #changingmyname‬ !!!!"

You should really Google before you Google, Google.