CULT BUY: The $20 primer that's the perfect dupe for an award-winning designer one.

Content note: Nope, not sponsored. Just a review of a bloody good product…

We were in an Uber, and I was mid-way through an impassioned spiel about baked chickpeas (I grieve the 23 years I lived without them in my snack arsenal) when my girlfriend jumped in with a recommendation of her own:

“Have you tried the new Mecca primer?” she asked. “It’s just as good as the Charlotte Tilbury one.”

I had heard of the Charlotte Tilbury’s Wonderglow Primer before. With hundreds of reviews online, the $76 bottle of “light reflecting” goodness is a cult favourite; one that has won “CEW beauty awards” (like the Logies… but for face goo) and fans all over the world.

Short story: It’s a bloody good primer. I just hadn’t added it to my makeup bag yet because, well, seventy six dollars. For a primer.

Unless something guarantees to make me look like the dewy love child of Jesus and Jesinta Franklin, I’m not paying $76 for it.

Truth be told, I’ve been using a cheapo, mediocre primer from Mamamia’s beauty closet for about a year now. I chastise myself for this whenever I look in the mirror halfway through the day and see my foundation is basically non-existent along my jawline and ears.

A decent primer purchase has been long overdue.

My friend continued: “The new Mecca one is basically the exact same as Charlotte Tilbury’s… but costs $20.”

I’m sorry, what? Sign me the eff up. 

I jumped out of the Uber and sprinted to the closest Melbourne Mecca store to thrust my credit card in the lovely shop assistant’s face. (Not really, but I’m not about to let my dramatic story be held back by facts.)

My friend wasn’t wrong. There are many affordable, high-quality goodies in the affordable new Mecca Max range, but the Bring On Bright Illuminating Primer is a serious must-have. After picking up one for myself, and it’s perfect for any woman who wants to pull off the appearance of plump, glowy, healthy-looking skin.


Thicker than most primers I’ve used, Bring On Bright looks like golden, metallicy goodness straight out of the squeezy tube, and applies like a dream.

For $20 it is absolutely worth every penny, even if the 30mL bottle size is a teeny bit on the skimpy side (the standard size for a primer is 35-50mL).

Before I put my liquid foundation on, I put a pearl-sized amount of product all over in circular motions with my fingertips, concentrating most of the product onto the ‘high’ points of my face; my cheekbones, nose, and temples.

I don’t use ANY on my forehead – that area on my face has the whole ‘shiny’ thing down pat on its own, thanks very much.

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The Bring On Bright Illuminating Primer is also water-based, meaning it’s compatible with most foundations (for more on making your base makeup compatible with your primer, read here). If you swear by Nars Sheer Glow Foundation like I do, then congratulations reader friend, your days of searching through makeup stores and being made deaf by the blasting music and blinded by those way-too-intense lights are OVER.

You’re so very welcome.

You can grab this cute lil’ skin saver from Mecca stores, or online.

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