Have you achieved the 'golden triangle' of happiness?

If there’s one thing we’re told that we need in life, happiness would probably rise to the top of the list.

But forget buying a puppy, having that extra serve of dessert or going on a shopping spree. Because researchers at Deakin University claim they have found the key to personal happiness. The research they conducted is based on more than 60,000 individual responses, so it’s safe to say it is pretty spot on.

So apparently true happiness ultimately comes down to three things:

  • Good personal relationships
  • Financial security
  • A sense of life purpose
Have you achieved the golden triangle? Image via iStock.

Yet of the three, Deakin University emeritus professor, Robert Cummings, said having good personal relationships was the most significant.  "People on low incomes can have normal levels of happiness provided that their relationships and purpose in life are strongly positive," he told The Huffington Post.

Yet it doesn't need to be a romantic relationship, strong friendships which foster closeness can be crucial.


The research further found that well being increased with a household income up to approximately $100,000. Yet much happiness came with the ability to control how money was spend, even on a low income.

Having good personal relationships was the most significant. Image via iStock.

Being involved in an activity which provided a sense of life purpose was also important. This may come in the form of a social activity, such as playing sport.

Yet interestingly, the research found that health and happiness were not connected. "While satisfaction with health falls as we age, overall happiness tends to rise. Essentially, we adapt to most slow-onset medical conditions," Cummings said.

The research was based on the Australian Unity Wellbeing Index, which "investigates satisfaction with economic, environmental and social conditions in Australia, and gives insights into our individual wellbeing."

Do you think you have the 'golden triangle' of happiness?