Golden Globes: 3 key beauty looks and how to copy them

Angelina Jolie

Even if you missed the 2012 Golden Globes coverage yesterday, or didn’t even know it was on, or deliberately skipped the whole thing because you much prefer the Silver Globes (“Supporting second rate acting since 1976!”), it will be impossible to miss all of the red carpet shots that will stream through in the following days and weeks.

This is actually a wonderful thing, because you are being given a simple reference to some of the most handsome hair and makeup (and sartorial colour) trends for 2012, trends that begin on the runway, and then slip down into Hollywood, and then finally, with a much quieter pulse, fall into our lap for us to stroke gently and accept lovingly.

All of that phooey aside, the Golden Globes are just a great walloping perve on some of the most glorious looking women in the world, all dolled up as if it were their year 12 formal. Oh, I so thoroughly enjoy awards season.

For my money ($1.45) I thought A. Jolie, in a figure-hugging pink and red gown with dramatic red lips (please note this, all women who think large lips cannot wear bright lipstick), softly smoked grey shadow and a posh, pulled-back bun, stole the show. What a shock! What a scandal! Who would’ve thunk! Only all of us. Because that’s what Jolie does best: steals shows. I’ve heard her house is literally BRIMMING with all of the shows she’s nicked over the years.

Heidi Klum

I also wish to give H. Klum a very vigorous nod for her extraordinary lo-fi soft peach dress and turquoise jewel combo. Yes, her hair – dead straight and centre-part – was a bit dull, but overall I thought she looked fresh and modern, and lacking in the stuffiness that sometimes occurs when beautiful women mistakenly adopt too much tulle and utilise too many bobby pins. I never know why Klum is there, for the record, but as long as she serves up this brand of exciting glamour, she’s most welcome.

Enough waffle, Fosters! Focus on the key looks for the night, already.

1. Sexy-Sexy Tousled Hair

This hair, which is the perfect way to tone down a very fancy frock or sex-up a very simple, elegant one, might be considered too “lazy” for an international red carpet (by me, sometimes) but can also be a terrific way to look modern and fresh in a sea of uptight chignons and hairsprayed-helmets. A close cousin of the Victoria’s Secret-inspired hair I was warbling on about a few weeks back, only that hair is more about a shiny, smooth finish, not a voluminous, textured finish. I prefer the VS look over this, if we’re being honest. (I wasn’t being honest for the last few sentences, but am now.)

What you’ll need to get this look: Volume-boosting mousse applied to wet hair, blow dried through all over and then hot rollers or a large-barrel curling tong used all over, left to set and then shaken out. Sea salt spray misted through to finish and add excitement and pieceyness.

From left: Jessica Biel, Reese Witherspoon, Salma Hayek

2. Shades of pink.

Whether it was dusky pink gloss and coral cheeks to lift all of the nude, apricot and buff toned dressed (and there were a LOT), or a glossy, pink lipstick to inject some colour into a white or silver dress, or an all-over princess look with shimmering pink eye shadow and musk-stick pink lips (C. Theron), accents of pink saturated the red carpet. Which makes sense, because there IS a shade of pink for every dame, and pink, in all it’s carrying tones is bold enough to lift a very dark, serious gown (S. Vergara), subtle enough to wind down the bombshell effect (S, Hayak) and neutral enough to blend into any smokey-eyed look (K. Beckinsdale) or fresh-faced masterpiece (S. Woodley.)


What you’ll need to get this look: Hmm, something pink probably. I’d stick to lips and cheeks, for although Theron’s green eyes look splendid with pink shadow, it’s a tricky one to pull off for a lot of us. I recommend having a “wardrobe” of at least a soft, buff, nude pink-based lip gloss, which will see you through from very theatrical evening looks to bare-faced day time touch-ups, and a more intense pink lipstick that suits your skin tone, and is a texture you will actually use. I think matte is wonderfully polished for example, but most women prefer a shiny, creamy lipstick. Don’t forget the new hybrid gloss-lipstick-balm efforts out there either, they can be the perfect bridge between your love of gloss and your curiosity for fuller colour. (I love Clinique Chubby Sticks, YSL Volupte Sheer Candy Lipstick and Clarins Joli Rouge for this blend of gloss and colour pay off.)

From left: Charlize Theron, Kate Beckinsdale, Sofia Vergara

3. Undone Updos

A very-achievable look for all of us, the low, off-centre bun or chignon is a lovely way to elongate and accentuate the neck, show off intricate necklines, and, well, keep some of the focus THAT $25, 000 DRESS. Off to one side, peeking out behind an ear, seemed to be the current flavour, with visible texture and looseness to keep it modern, and approximately 890, 782 bobby pins pierced into the carefully placed waves and tendrils to keep it looking as though it’s magically floating above the neck or ear.

What you’ll need to get this look: Similar prep to the sexy-sexy hair, (mousse! Lots of mousse! And, set in waves and curls!) so that you have a strong scaffolding to work with, and the hair has a good base of volume and grip, and stays in place and doesn’t slide about like a moron when you’re trying to set it into place. I would, when I had long hair, create a deep side part, then with my fingers loosely scrape hair down and make a loose pony, or bun at the nape of my neck or under one ear, then pull and tug pieces out and pin them around haphazardly in til I was happy.  Hairspray to set is crucial, but use a soft, invisible one, like L’Oreal Elnett. Too crunchy is wrong, soft and pretty is right.

From left: Jessica Alba, Emma Stone, Sarah Hyland

Also a mention must be made for our adorable ‘60s dolls, N. Richie and Z. Deschanel, who both looked outstanding with their beehives and full fringes and very-lined eyes. They were the cutest back-up singers on that dingin’ carpet.

Nicole Richie and Zooey Deschanel.

In case you missed them, here are the images from the red carpet:

And our dedicated hair and beauty Golden Globes gallery:

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