Meet the dessert that will change your life: the Golden Gaytime ice cream cake.

My married friends A + V are extraordinary entertainers and cooks.

They often host lunches, dinner parties, afternoon teas and the like. Everything they prepare and serve is exceptional.

A few weeks back they called me as they had written, shopped for and were in the middle of cooking everything for a special themed dinner party that they were hosting that night.

My friends were hosting a dinner party. (Image via iStock.)

One problem.

They didn’t yet have dessert.

The pre dinner canapés, entrées and mains were all deliciously intricate and technical dishes so they didn’t have much time to whack together whatever it was that I was going to suggest for the ‘something sweet.’ I sat on the end of the phone scratching my head and then I literally said “Why don’t you just buy heaps of Golden Gaytimes, chuck ’em into a bowl, let them soften, swirl them together and refreeze in a cake mould. At least you know it’ll taste sensational!?”

(Image via Phoodie.)

We laughed (although I was 100% serious) and hung up the phone so that they could carry on cooking for their 7pm deadline.

They ended up serving Magnums and I ended up writing this recipe.



Note: The conversation with V + A was my inspiration to go down this Golden Gaytime cake path, but as I often do when writing recipes or looking for inspiration, I headed for google after our chat and searched ‘Golden Gaytime cakes.’ I came across this post which gave me the idea to keep them whole for visual effect!


(To make a 30cm square cake)

Note: This is best made the day you are going to eat it if possible. If not possible, you can make it the day before but I don’t advise to make it any further in advance than that.)

9 Golden Gaytime ice creams (make sure to buy them in boxes of 4, much cheaper!)

2 litres of plain vanilla ice cream

250g plain sweet biscuits (I used Arnott’s ‘Marie’ because they are named after me, but you can use ANY biscuit you like!)


1) Remove your vanilla ice cream from the freezer and allow it to melt slightly (maybe for about 7 or 8 minutes)

2) Line your cake tin with plastic wrap

3) Remove GG’s one at a time from their sticks (I used a knife to help me) and place them ‘good looking side down’ in the tin.  (The ‘good looking side’ will end up being the top of your cake) These melt REALLLLLLY quickly so whack this back into the freezer once you are done.

4) Blitz your biscuits into rough chunks in a food processor. Make sure not to OVER blitz – you want texture!


5) Stir the blitzed biscuits through the vanilla ice cream in a large bowl.

6) Spoon the vanilla ice cream / biscuit mix on top of the gaytimes and seal cake with plastic wrap edges.

7) Set in freezer for a minimum of 1 hour.

8) Immediately prior to service, dust in icing sugar.

This post originally appeared on Phoodie. You can read the original post here.