Young Gold Coast mum dies in Mexico while searching for a miracle cancer cure.

A young Gold Coast mother who travelled the world on a desperate quest to find a cure for her cancer has tragically died.

Jessica Gall, 26, lost her battle to cervical cancer on July 6 while in Mexico to undergo a radical treatment. Her husband Eden and their two-year-old son Easton were home in Australia at the time.

Jessica was first diagnosed with the disease in October 2014 and underwent surgery, according to her close friend Brooke Chamberlain.

Despite doctors giving her the all-clear, the cancer returned in July last year only shortly after her dad passed away, also from cancer.

Easton could not be by her side when she died. Image via Facebook.

She went through all the conventional treatments, surgery, radiation, chemotherapy and immunotherapy in Australia, but nothing worked, Brooke wrote on a MyCause fundraising page.

Determined to beat the disease that had spread to her pelvis and liver, Jessica embarked on a worldwide search for a miracle cure.

She flew to China and then Germany, spending more than four months away from her family, but the treatments failed to work. Her cancer only worsened.

She was hooked up to a morphine pain pump and  "sent home to die" back in Australia.

Jessica and Eden were married in 2013. Image via Facebook.

But before she lost all hope of survival, she discovered what she thought might be her one final chance: ablation immunotherapy.

Jessica made the difficult decision to again leave behind her son -- extra precious to her after being born prematurely at 26 weeks gestation -- and her husband, who had to continue to work to pay for what they hoped would be life-saving treatment.


She arrived in Mexico with her older sister Sacha to undergo the radical therapy, which uses the body's own immune system to attack the disease.

It involves injecting needles into the tumour and storming it with extreme hot or cold temperatures to generate an immune response.

Image via Facebook.

Devastatingly, the treatment was unsuccessful. She died in the hospital's intensive care unit, close to the first anniversary of her father's death.

Brooke described how husband Eden, drained of money after devoting the family funds to trying to save his wife, now faces raising Easton as a single dad.

She implored people to help Eden cover the "astronomical" hospital fees and pay for the special farewell Jessica deserves.

Image via Facebook.

"Let's all get together and help Jessica's family with the medical costs and funeral costs as the medical bills are endless," Brooke wrote.

"Every little bit counts and this beautiful family has been through so much."

Brooke said her friend would be forever missed.

"RIP Jessica Gall. You were so loved and will never be forgotten. Heaven has gained one beautiful angel."

To donate to Jessica Gall's family, click here.

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