Gable Tostee trial: Pathologist testifies about injuries to Warriena Wright after balcony fall.

By Sharnie Kim

A forensic pathologist has detailed the horrific injuries suffered by New Zealand woman Warriena Wright, who fell 14 floors from a Gold Coast high-rise apartment in 2014.

Dr Dianne Little was the final crown witness in the Supreme Court trial in Brisbane of Gable Tostee, who is accused of murdering the 26-year-old.

The pair met through the online dating app Tinder while Ms Wright was holidaying in Queensland.

She fell from Tostee’s 14th floor balcony in the early hours of August 8, 2014 after the two were involved in a drunken altercation.

The prosecution has not suggested Tostee pushed or threw Ms Wright off the balcony, rather he locked her outside and intimidated her so much she felt her only means of escape was climbing down.

Dr Little, employed by the Gold Coast University Hospital, testified via video link on the fourth day of Tostee’s trial.

She conducted a post-mortem examination on Ms Wright’s body three days after her fatal fall.

Dr Little recorded 80 separate injuries on Ms Wright’s body, including severe trauma to her head and body, which caused her death.

She tested fluid in Ms Wright’s eye to estimate her blood-alcohol concentration at the time she died was 0.156 per cent.

Dr Little said Ms Wright had areas of reddening around her neck, but they were more likely caused by the fall rather than prior injury, such as strangulation.

She said there was no evidence of internal injuries to the neck.

The prosecution had previously alleged Tostee tried to strangle or choke Ms Wright during their fight, but the defence disputed this.


Dr Little also noted multiple scars on Ms Wright’s wrists, thigh and upper chest which appeared to have been self-inflicted.

She said the scars were not recent and probably more than weeks or months’ old.

The prosecution concluded its case at the end of Dr Little’s evidence.

The trial has been adjourned until Friday.

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