lady startup

Kate Goldsby is a lady startup helping other lady startups get their products out there.

Kate Goldsby loves lady startups.

Not only is she one herself, but her web design business specialises in helping other women entrepreneurs market their services and products with an easy to run website.

Oh, and she’s also partnering with another lady startup so she can offer more services.

Here, the Canberra woman chats to Mamamia about the realities of going from government employee, to being her own employer.

Tell us about Gold B Digital…What is it?

I run a web design business specialising in women entrepreneurs, Gold B Digital. I focus on building digital business solutions that go beyond just a website. I aim to have a business owner confident to look after their own website and reduce the admin time with integrated systems. I am about to expand and partner with another lady startup and offer branded photography and social media management.

What were you doing before you went into business for yourself?

Working for the Australian Government in marketing and communications

What made you want to start your own business?

I’ve always been a creative soul and dabbling in all sorts of arts and digital channels. It makes my heart happy, so I wanted to find a way to do it for a living. I also wanted to be home-based so I can be around my kids more.


How did you come up with the name?

I have had many business names as I’ve dabbled. Ask my besties who have heard or seen 50 million iterations of “What do you think of this….”

Gold B is a play on “Goldsby”. I wanted it to reflect ‘me’ without using my actual name. It has really stuck this time.

What’s the single best piece of advice you’ve received?

Stop procrastinating. Stop finding excuses and waiting for the planets to align perfecting. If you don’t just start – you will never move forward.


What’s the one bit of advice you would give yourself if you were starting again?

Stop changing brands, just stick with one and let some brand recognition/reputation stick. Reputation is everything!

At Mamamia, we have an expression “flearning” – failing and learning. What have been your biggest flearnings since you have started your business?

Not user testing my products or services. I dabbled with art-based products for years cause I loved them… but no one else did.

What do you do when you’re feeling like you’re in a hole emotionally (or financially)?

I step away from the computer and get some sleep. A little bit of perspective does wonders for me.

How many hours a day do you work on your business? Has this changed?

I’m at around 15 to 20 hours a week at the moment and it’s on the rise.

What’s the biggest misconception you had about starting your business?

That customers will just come to me.

Tell us about your proudest moment.

When a business I admire took up my services, and then I was able to save their website bacon and they publically thanked me on their Instagram Stories. It was an amazing feeling.

What can you recommend to women who might want to get their own hustle going?


Just start. start small, one client at a time. Be prepared to juggle and work hard, but you can do it if you really want it.

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