#VacationOver is trending on Twitter and it proves we are all in the same, sad boat.

Oh, Summer holidays. You were here for a good time, not a long time, sadly.

For many Aussies, today marks the last day of their time off over the Christmas break…and they all know what’s coming after the weekend…the first working week of 2019.

(Unless you’re like me and have been selflessly working this entire time #martyr.)

Yes, yes, we are all #grateful to be employed, and many of us love our jobs – I know I do (and yes, my boss is reading this). But that doesn’t mean after two weeks of eating, drinking, seeing friends, sleeping in and general slothfulness, we are welcoming Monday morning with open arms.

We are most certainly not, mostly because: alarm clocks.

It’s a universal feeling, which is why #VacationOver is trending on Twitter. Here are the best responses we’ve found, and we’re sharing them with you so you know we’re all in the same boat of emotional reluctance.




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