The stars of Gogglebox reveal how much they are really paid.

Gogglebox sounds like a dream job for many TV fans.

You watch TV. You drink and eat what you want. You say the comments that everyone in Australia is thinking. And you get paid.

Well, not exactly*.

Gogglebox stars Tom and Wayne (you know, the ones with the really awesome cocktails who make the best comments about Manu) spoke to Rosie Waterland and Laura Brodnik on the latest episode of The Binge. And they want you to know that the Logie-winning show “ain’t no money train.”

Listen to Tom and Wayne on The Binge, here (post continues after audio):

“What they do is they give us a location fee. Wayne and I don’t get paid, basically it’s for the house and the electricity.”

“It’s a very minimal amount and I can guarantee I drink more each episode than what they pay,” laughs Tom.

Which is a little astounding, considering the people on the couch make the show what it is. Sassy, funny and downright entertaining.

So what do they do for cash?

“We haven’t given up our day jobs.” Wayne said.

Wayne works as an  Organisational Development Manager while Tom works in a call centre during the day and as a hairdresser at night.

It seems they do it purely for the love of TV.

"For us it's just the experience, something we can show the grandkids," the couple told The Binge.

And, of course, you get paid in our love, Goggleboxing geniuses. Never change.

Hear the full episode with Wayne and Tom on the latest episode of The Binge with Rosie Waterland and Laura Brodnik:

  • Mamamia contacted Channel Ten for clarification on the Goggleboxers' deal, but at the time of publishing, had not had a response.