'Help us meet our dad': Aussie mums' plea for twins to meet their biological dad.

Lachlan and Sebastian only know their father through a computer screen, through Skype chats and pictures. But now their mums are hoping to change that.

Brooke Creemers and her partner Joceyln have begun a GoFundMe campaig with the aim of taking their twin boys to Mexico to meet their biological father, face to face, for the very first time.

Their story is one of love and fortunate circumstance. After all, were it not for an incredible twist of fate and over-zealous email security settings, they would never have even known his identity.

gofundme campaign to help twins meet mexican father

The twins' mums, Brooke and Jocelyn. Image: GoFundMe.

The twins, now aged one, were conceived in November 2014 via reciprocal IVF while Brooke and Jocelyn were travelling overseas.

The Perth couple chose Mexico as the best country in which to have the procedure and donor number 6963 as the man to provide the sperm.

As they hopped from country to country in the lead up to the appointment, their Hotmail email account kept locking them out as a security precaution, which was making it difficult to stay in touch with the clinic's international patient coordinator. The solution: they added each other on Facebook.

It was that decision which would change their little boys' lives.

Sebastian (left) and Lachlan (right).

Written from the twins' point of view, the GoFundMe Page reads:

"In March 2015, Mum was flicking through her Facebook feed and a picture of the clinic coordinator came up in her feed. He was with a few friends in the picture and one caught her eye. She stopped and looked closer at the photo. She couldn't believe what she saw."


The same man pictured in her sons' donor file was right there on the screen.

After much research and careful consideration, the couple contacted the coordinator to ask if his friend was a donor, potentially their donor. He eventually confirmed: Yes he was.

"He was amazed this had happened and was sure his friend would be open to knowing," the page reads. "He said they could contact him via Facebook if they chose to."

gofundme campaign to help twins meet mexican father

The twins' sperm donor, Joel. Image: GoFundMe.

Nervously, they did. A man named Joel responded, shocked and happy.

"He told her he had been speaking to a friend only a few days before about the donation," Brooke writes. "He told his friend that it occurred to him, he may have children out there who would want to know something about him one day, but never be able to."

They kept in touch throughout the pregnancy, and beyond. Lachlan and Sebastian now have monthly Skype chats with their father.

"Joel is very proud of us," the page reads. "The first time he saw us on video he said his heart was so happy. He told mum he was really touched and even though he'd never met us he felt love for us."

"He thinks we are cute and really wants to meet us one day."

That's where the campaign comes in. Jocelyn and Brooke are appealing to the kindness of strangers to help raise $3500 to "bring two families from opposite sides of the world together".

The money would fund Joel's flights, visas and travel insurance for a trip from Cancun to Perth to meet the boys at some point this year - maybe even for Christmas.

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