Jacqui Lambie's always been vocal about refugees. Then she spent a minute in their shoes.

Few politicians have been more outspoken about Islam and refugees in Australia than Jacqui Lambie.

In her role as a Tasmanian Senator from 2014 to 2017, the 47-year-old former politician took divisive stances on issues like whether burqas should be banned, Sharia law, ISIS, immigration and Australia’s role in the global refugee crisis.

Specifically, she’s been highly critical of Islam and the religion’s laws and practices.

Now, the mother-of-two has found herself walking in their shoes.

For a few seconds, maybe a minute, Lambie experienced a glimpse of what the reality of living as a refugee in a war zone feels like.

While filming in Syria for SBS’ documentary-style TV show Go Back To Where You Came From, the broadcaster has confirmed Lambie and a TV crew were forced to take cover when gunfire from suspected IS insurgents broke out nearby.

Lambie was at the time joined by Sydney immigration lawyer Marina, who came to Australia as a refugee of the Bosnia War when her mother fled with her when she was a small child.

The minute-long footage of the experience is raw and frightening, shot in real time with no editing. A visibly shaken Maria can be seen being emotionally taken back to memories of her childhood, the sounds and sights a reminder of her time spent at a refugee camp as a child.

You can watch the footage of Jacqui Lambi on Go Back To Where You Came From below. Post continues after video.

Video by SBS

The SBS series airing from Tuesday October 2 to Thursday October 4 will follow three other pairs as they’re sent to some of the most dangerous places in the world to confront their views about the global refugee crisis.


They include comedian Meshel Laurie with ex-AFL player Spida Everitt, writer and performer Gretel Killeen with prison youth worker and anti-refugee advocate Steve, and fence-sitter student Gareth with young conservative Dannii.

Viewers at home will watch each pair through a mixture of edited and live footage as they encounter first-hand experiences of the global refugee crisis from all sides and have their preconceived ideas about refugees challenged.

What they’ll learn and take away from their experiences, we’ll find out.

Go Back To Where You Came From Live airs over three consecutive nights, 2-4 October, 8.30pm, on SBS and streaming live on SBS On Demand.

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