Open Post: The Mamamia team road test gluten free pasta.

Latina ™ Fresh Gluten Free Pasta Range
Thanks to our brand partner, Latina ™ Fresh Gluten Free Pasta Range

Welcome to this week’s edition of Open Post.

If you’re new to this, Open Post is a weekly tradition here at Mamamia where our writers and readers get together to discuss what’s going on in their lives.

I’ll kick things off.

Over the weekend, I had my sister visit Sydney and stay with me.

Alexis (right) with her sister.

It was a long-overdue catch-up, and I was excited to see her. I had a long list of things we were going to do over the weekend, including lots of shopping, eating and drinking.

Naturally, I was then hit with a cold so nasty I was basically bed-ridden for the entire weekend.

I was so sick that going out for dinner was out of the question, so we hit up my nearest Coles for something quick and easy.

In my haze of sickness, I grabbed some Latina Fresh Gluten Free Beef Ravioli and sauce, pretty much without thinking.

From this…

Now, I should point out that I’ve always secretly rolled my eyes at people who ate gluten free food when they weren’t allergic or intolerant to it.

I mean, why CHOOSE to eat food that tastes like cardboard if you don’t need to, right? (Of course, I’d never actually tried gluten-free food, but that didn’t stop me from judging the hell out of it, obviously).

So, while we were cooking it, I didn’t have high expectations. But you guys, it was really good. Really, REALLY good.

Hand on heart, it tasted just like normal pasta. And I eat a LOT of pasta, so this is a big deal.

The best part? It took all of 10 minutes to prepare.

And it seems our Mamamia Opinionators agree with me. After we gave some of our readers the range (it also comes in Fettuccine and Lasagne Sheets) to trial, the reviews were overwhelmingly positive.

Et Voilà!

One reader by the name of Steph wrote, “Loved the pasta! Couldn’t tell that it was gluten free! Super easy to cook… and i am a TERRIBLE cook. These will be perfect to have in the fridge for an easy nightly dinner” while Benita said “Loved this! I couldn’t tell the difference – and usually I’m the first one to notice if something is gluten free. Super easy to whip up and loved how light and fresh it tasted with a few roasted veggies stirred through. Stress free prep that’s perfect for a week night dinner party” and Yiana added “I was absolute blown away with how amazing the pasta tasted- as a lover of bread, pasta and all things that contain gluten, I had always been under the impression that gluten free food was bland and tasteless. I could not have been more wrong!”

It’s definitely going to become a staple in my household. And it also might be enough to end my judgement of gluten free food in general…

Over to you, what’s happening in your world?

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