Good news! All your favourite artwork now comes gluten-free.

Now you can consume all the classics with none of bloating.

Whether you are a coeliac, suffer from gluten intolerance, are on a low FODMAPs kick or generally just have a bit of a funny tummy — there seems to be an ever-increasing number of reasons to give gluten the boot.

Gluten often gets a bad wrap. And whether it’s fair or not, there’s no denying the stretchy little protein that makes bread, well, delicious is having a popularity crisis.

That’s where the “Gluten Free Museum” comes in. A new online place you can go to consume all your favourite artworks with none of that pesky gluten. Oh, joy.

Why not have a slice of Jeff Koons’ Cake?

Mmmm… underwhelming.


Or take a nibble on Giuseppe Arcimboldo’s famous fruit and veg?



Have a look through the gallery below… You can almost taste the disappointment.


Mamamia attempted to get in contact with the creator of the images, however she/he appears to be the most untraceable human on the planet. You can see more of the wonderful pics here at the Gluten Free Museum Tumblr.