Glitch is the spine-tingling Aussie drama that will keep you up at night.

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Forget the winners from the Emmys (for a second) because there’s a TV show closer to home that deserves to be on your to-watch list next.

Glitch, the Aussie drama starring Patrick Brammal, returned to our screens for Season Two this week after a two year break.

Its first season, which is currently available on Netflix, saw it nab a Logie for Most Oustanding Cast as well as earn international acclaim.

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A paranormal mystery set in a fictional but very familiar Aussie country town, Glitch follows policeman James Hayes (Brammal) who gets called to the local cemetery one night to find a group of naked people covered in dirt.

After ruling out drugs, he realises that these are actually dead people who have risen from the dead. He learns this when he realises one of the seven people is actually his wife who died of breast cancer two years prior.


The first season follows the stories of the seven people who have risen from the dead, telling their back stories and exploring why perhaps they've been chosen to come back to life.

"The interesting dynamic about the characters on this show is that they come back to life as fully formed as people rather than zombies or anything that could be viewed as grotesque or frightening. Which makes their response to having to climb out of their own graves very human and even relateable ," Mamamia Entertainment Editor Laura Brodnik explained on the latest episode of TV podcast The Binge.

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"They've come back into their bodies and then they very slowly start to remember their names and their loved ones as the series unfolds. We find out one by one how they died and the things that were left unresolved in their lives."

Throughout the show, Hayes and one of the local doctors Elishia, are trying to keep the risen-from-the-dead people hidden, all the while an undercurrent of something bigger is brewing in the background.

Interestingly, none of the seven can leave the town. When they attempt to leave town, they all start to bleed heavily from their eyes and fall to the ground with a mystery illness.

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It leaves you to wonder whether there's a mystical or medical reason behind it all.

Season one, which aired two years ago, left viewers on a massive reveal.

According to Laura, the latest season has a very different feel, focussing more on current events rather than the mystical, slow and dreamlike nature of the flashbacks utilized in the earlier season.

Listen: The latest episode of The Binge podcast   Post continues after audio.

"It's definitely the way the storyline needed to go," she said.

Offering something we haven't seen before by depicting the Aussie bush as gothic and otherworldly, rather than just brutal as we've seen in shows like Wolf Creek, the supernatural twists really elevate the show into something special.

You can watch Season one on Netflix and all of Season two on ABC iView now.

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