Two Shark Tank contestants made a product every woman will be hailing the beauty gods for.

I don’t mean to alarm you, but the app of just about every woman (and some men’s) dreams exists and we only just found out about it thanks to this week’s episode of Shark Tank.

Forget about incessantly calling a salon until someone answers, leaving more voicemails than a jilted ex or doing a hopeful walk-in. Two Sydney ladies have heard our cries and sorted it the heck out.

glamazon app
Lauren and Lisa Marie. Source: Channel 10.

Created by friends and business partners Lauren Silvers and Lisa Marie Boersma, the Glamazon app connects users with nearby beauty salons to help make booking your next haircut/massage/manicure/eyelash tint infinitely easier than the current methods that we all know and hate.

Based on your location, you can select the next available appointment at multiple businesses, set a specific time in advance, or better yet, have a Glamazon-approved stylist come to you.

glamazon app shark tank
The Glamazon app in action. Source: Shark Tank.

In other words, you can literally roll off the couch at 5pm on Saturday afternoon, dust the Dorito residue from your chin and have someone take care of your hair and makeup by the time you have to socialise at 7pm. Without having even left the bloody house once.

Ah, how do you say, 'yes thanks, I'll take 50' in app speak?

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Presenting the genius creation to the sharks, Lisa Marie said, "We can comfortably say that we've created Australia's first scalable technical solution to matching any beauty appointment with customers on demand."

And within seconds of their presentation ending, it became evident the sharks saw the value in the app - and the 3000 stylists they are currently partnered with around Australia - as well.


"Are you robots? You've done nothing wrong," entrepreneur Steve Baxter asked jokingly. "That's the most perfect presentation I've ever heard."

Naturally, he was all in, securing a 25 per cent stake in the app for a price of $250,000.

"The world is our oyster," the girls said happily.

glamazon app shark tank
The sharks enjoyed a pre-booked manicure and massage. Source: Channel 10.

Ah, yeah it is. It's also your curling wand, your emery board and your highlighter kit.

Anyway, please excuse me, I've got to go hit the app store.

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