WIN 1 of 3 Sleep Wellness Bundles from A.H. Beard.

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What do lazy gewls love more than literally anything else in the world? Sleep. Obviously sleep. 

So it makes sense that our next lazy gewl giveaway is a sleep wellness bundle from A.H. Beard. 

There are three bundles to win and each one comes with: 

  • 1 x RestOn Sleep Tracker to accurately measure your heart and respiratory rate, sleep cycles, bedroom humidity, temperature, and body movement. 
  • 1 x ORB Smart Sleep Light to help you fall asleep easily and wake up naturally with soothing music and light. 
  • 2 x Gel-infused memory foam pillows that mould to your head and neck and provide pressure-relieving comfort and support. They also feel all lovely and cooling.
  • Our permission to sleep in as late as you want. 

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Winners have been contacted via email.

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