Giuliana Rancic's home dye job looks better than before.

Today in ‘Celebrities, They’re Just Like Us’ news, Giuliana Rancic has just dyed her own hair.

Yep, the woman with access to Hollywood’s most cutting-edge, respected hairdressers and stylists opted to take the DIY home kit route, and we kind of love her for it.

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The E! Network presenter and red carpet commentator is no stranger to major hair changes, having swapped her naturally brown hair for blonde last year. Although she had it done by a professional that time:

Clearly G's love affair with her lighter look came to an end recently, because on Instagram this morning she shared videos and photos of her return to medium brown.

Sam Frost is a blonde bachelorette no more.

Here's what the 40-year-old looked like after using Vidal Sassoon's Salonist colour in Medium Gold Brown:

If, like us, you entertained the thought of Giuliana accidentally flicking brown globs all over her bathroom and inadvertently dyeing the top of her forehead and shoulders (you know, the way DIY jobs go for the rest of us), don't get too excited.

Is this the next big trend in celebrity haircuts?

This particular adventure in home hairdressing was all part of a campaign for Vidal Sassoon, and as you'll see in the following video, Giuliana's pristine white bathroom remained both pristine and white – if that's even her bathroom. There's also a very good chance she had stylists on hand to help her reach the tricky bits at the back of her head and mop up any little spills. (Jealous? Us?)

However, endorsements aside, Giuliana seems genuinely stoked about her new look, which is really all that matters. Good for you, G. We look forward to seeing this hair on the Oscars red carpet in a few days' time.

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