So, this is how supermodels live. Welcome to Gisele Bundchen's palace...

Yes, Gisele Bundchen’s house is bigger and more glamorous than yours. Yes,  you can see the inside for yourself. Enjoy…

Gisele Bundchen, 33 and partner Tom Brady, 36, are reportedly selling up their mansion in Los Angeles after only just completing renovations on the Brentwood fortress late last year.

The Brazilian model and NFL star are asking for an easy, breezy $50 million for the palace which they’ve spent five years designing and are apparently already building their next fortress in Boston, where they plan to live from here on.

The palace in LA has its own moat and is focused on providing an ec0-friendly lifestyle. We’re talking eight bedrooms, huge swimming pool, wine cellar, six-car garage, butler’s room and all within two wings that are connected by a…wait for it…bridge.

The house is surrounded by hills, which has suited the celebrity couple who are often spotted hiking with their dogs.

No doubt their neighbours, Heidi Klum and Arnold Schwarzenegger, will throw Gisele and Tom a lavish farewell party. But considering we won’t be getting an invite it’s time to sticky-beak before they sell-up.

Click through these photos of their fortress for a cheeky sneak peek inside…


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